Swedish Handicraft Societies

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/20/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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The Swedish Handicraft Societies, known for their creativity and originality, deserve branding that reflects their artistry. But since their group includes thousands of people in multiple locations, it proved to be a challenge to streamline everything. This is where Snask comes in. Snask started from scratch, building a logotype, symbol, color palette, graphics, patterns, and typography for the entirety of the company.

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“The Swedish Handicraft Association have been around for more than 100 years. With over 17,000 members, 22 regional offices and 8 retail shops they had a big challenge to gather everything under one name and one brand.”

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“We changed the associations of Swedish Handicraft from old butter knifes and knitting into everything made by hand, thus creating something modern but with a rich history of knowledge and experience. We made a logotype, that could be made by hand flat on a surface as well as built up by any material, as well as an graphic identity.”

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With every element of the design, there is something new to discover. In many ways, each component is a building block, allowing the separate branches to remain individual but still identify under one global brand. The large “H” logo, for example, can stand alone, comprised of the sunny goldenrod and sky blue hues, or it can include textures and materials, like wicker or yarn.

Playful graphics illustrate the different skills those in the Swedish Handicraft Society may have, from sewing to sawing to everything in between. Combined with the color palette, the brand gives off a bit of a retro vibe, perhaps a call to a simpler time when these sorts of skills were not only valuable, but entirely essential to everyday life.

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Snask’s successful design allowed the whole organization to combine under one brand in 2013, and all 60 board members set the new identity in place.

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Designed by  Snask

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm


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