Banyan Reserve Vodka

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/20/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Florida may not be well-known for their vodka, but St. Petersburg Distillery has created a spirit that is produced and bottled in the Sunshine State with deep roots in the city of St. Petersburg. Banyan Reserve Vodka is a unique treat featuring an image of a large Banyan tree that is local to the city and its surrounding area. Dunn & Co wanted to create a design that would be quintessentially Florida while still give the spirit a wide appeal.

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“Banyan Reserve, is a vodka produced by St. Petersburg Distillery in St. Petersburg Florida. The overall mood and feel of the distillery is 1900's Florida, an authentic representation of the St. Petersburg roots. One of the oldest, most recognized aspects of the city would be the flowing Banyan trees.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

An orange, glowing sun is situated on the front of the label, setting over the ocean. Combined with gold details, Banyan Reserve elicits warm, satisfying emotions. A separate label, situated just below the main one, features a beautiful, hand-drawn image of the banyan tree and a small, coppery distillery stamp. The back of the bottle also has two labels — the top one offering more information about the banyan tree in the same orangey hue as the sun, and the bottom one with the mandatory government warning and Florida-shaped barcode. The imagery and colors used do a perfect job of capturing humid, warm nights in the south as the sun is setting.

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“Banyan trees are a very iconic symbol to Straub Park on Beach Drive and around downtown St. Petersburg. The banyan tree is very detailed and intricate, so i wanted to create an interesting and complex framework to have the same feel. I had the honor of working with Steven Noble to get a scratchboard representation of an actual tree in St. Pete.”

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Chief Creative Director: Jim Darlington 

Chief Creative Officer: Troy Dunn 

Senior Art Director: Grant Gunderson

Banyan Tree Illustration: Steven Noble

Designed by: Dunn & Co

Country: United States

City: Tampa, FL


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