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Up until recently, the tea market in Russia has only ever had black tea and a few varieties of green tea available. Any specialty teas were sold in more exclusive stores, and many herbal teas were sold primarily through pharmacies and marketed as purely medicinal. Stravinsky is looking to change that. This new range of herbal teas to be sold to the mass market comes in delicious berry flavorings. Dochery set out to design the packaging for Stavinsky, well aware of how important it was to distinguish the brand and pave the way for a new attitude towards the Russian tea market.

“We rejected at once the idea to create minimalistic and reserved design, as well as the pictures of cups and teaspoons. For the reason that the majority of pharmacy-sold teas look this way; it was of great importance to step back from these images. We wanted to emphasize that our tea first of all will give the consumer pleasure and enjoyment with taste, will help to plunge into the fantastic world of herbs. And to tell about the benefits and composition, we used the back part of the packing where we tried to tell accurately about all advantages of herbal tea, to tell about the composition in detail and the right way of its brewing.”

Editorial photograph

“On the front part we spread the magic, fantastic and profound world of flowers and herbs. We avoided any direct presentation of the composition. For us it was of major importance to fill the design with emotions, abundance and splendor of flora and, thus, to emphasize the esthetic and flavor component of the product.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Health-conscious women striving to bring wholesome but tasty food to their families in Russia were chosen as Stravinsky’s target audience. Focusing on emotions, Stravinsky appears pleasant and dreamy, almost as if drinking it creates a superior state of being. Rich, deep hues cover the packaging, making the flowers, herbs, and even the hummingbird on the front of each tea box come to life. Stravinsky’s brand name is written in a fairytale-like font, with some letters looping around and creating delicate designs. Small details were not overlooked in trying to set the tea apart, from small leaves that look like music notes to incorporating some of the flora and fauna into the barcode.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Dochery

Country: Russia

City: St. Petersburg

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