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PetBrosia Rebrand

by Elena Massucco on 07/16/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Design agency CWeberCreative was tasked to work on the redesign of the PetBrosia visual brand identity, from packaging to photography. PetBrosia is a subscription based startup dog and cat food company built on the belief that holistic wellness through natural ingredients and customized recipes is the best way for pets to live a longer healthier life. 

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The main challenge of the rebranding was to convey a welcoming and meaningful customer experience. CWberCreative overcame this problem by creating simple and clean packages (pouches and boxes) with a strong and highly recognizable typeface. Each flavor is clearly recognizable by different colours of the type and the resealable pouches ensure maximum freshness - retaining the food’s nutritional values. The packaging does a great job in earning trust from the consumers - exactly what is expected by a premium range of pet food. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: Chelsea Weber

Designed by CWeberCreative

Client: PetBrosia

Country: United States