Burger King Rebrand

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/16/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Welcome to the new home of the Whopper. Burger King has been around for over half a century, and they recently approached Turner Duckworth Design to redesign the visual identity for the brand and launch to over thirteen thousand restaurants in nearly 100 countries. Burger King wanted a global packaging range for their fries, bags, burger wraps, and drink cups, but it needed to go beyond clever images or aesthetics — the packaging had to be more efficient than the previous design and allow staff to serve food faster.

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“Burger King’s new brand positioning is ‘Be Your Way’ encouraging customers to be themselves. Based on the fact that, because BK burgers are all flame grilled they all come out slightly different, all individual. All burgers are made to order therefore they can be customized. The packaging needed to be Instagram-worthy, fun and engaging, putting a smile on hungry customer’s faces!”

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“All the packaging has a hand printed effect reminiscent of the marks on the burgers made by flame grilling imperfect perfection. Take away bags using the abstracted burger colors in a modern striking way to evoke big flavors. The fries have a witty idea of a chip with ketchup looking like a smile licking it’s lips, each bag comes with different fun phrases on the reverse. Depending on which way it’s orientated, the wrap can either say Cheeseburger or Hamburger. The flame grill burger flipper symbol helps staff locate the burger centrally on the wrap. The hot drink cups show ways of expressing the energy from a hot drink and the espresso cup is a mini battery to pick you up!”

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This new packaging takes the fast food restaurant and gives it a more personal appearance, perfect for those looking to get inexpensive food without sacrificing a somewhat unique experience. The font has minor imperfections in it, further emphasizing the one-of-a-kind quality Burger King offers. Red, green, yellow, and brown are primarily used, the same colors as ketchup, lettuce, cheese, and a flame grilled beef patty.

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Other small details add up, giving the large company a bit of personality and fun. For example, each coffee cup has a different icon: an alarm clock for the small, a light bulb for the medium, and a lightning bolt for the large. These playful yet subtle elements fill Burger King with character, giving consumers a reason to be attached to their brand and keep coming back.

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Designed by: Turner Duckworth Design

Client: Burger King

Country: United States and United Kingdom

City: San Francisco, CA and London


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