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Oye Cariño

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/15/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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It’s almost impossible to find yourself in a bad mood when you’re beachside. Futura took this into account when creating the the naming, branding, and packaging for Oye Cariño, a seafood restaurant in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Using absolutely lovely sun-drenched hues, unique food containers, and a lively font, Oye Cariño is an instant mood booster.

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“Mexico is a multicultural country and in every corner you discover a different way of looking at life, the beaches of southern us back immediately to enjoy, where the pace of walking is different, the food is fresh and the kind of music is combined with the neighbors regardless of frontiers.”

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“Our graphic proposal is inspired by the rhythm of a song that talks about it, a soft Mexican samba tells the story of who travels the world to find better opportunities and ends returning to port convinced that life there is better. Color selection is fresh, as things seem to me under the sun.”

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The design for the restaurant incorporates all the positive, good vibes we associate with a day at the beach. The faded colors look like they’re out on display under a hot afternoon sun. Splashes of color spill onto the packaging, giving life and movement to the products like palm trees swaying in the wind. A playful font reminds us of our carefree attitude on a beach day, ready to lay out in the sun, play volleyball, and jump waves.

Oye Cariño’s packaging is particularly unique, featuring to-go containers that aren’t your typical plastic or cardboard choices. This gives the restaurant an updated, modern quality, building the brand as something new and fresh.

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Designed by: Futura

Country: Mexico

City: Monterrey, Nuevo León