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Here’s to an elevated wellbeing. Marx designed these KAI coconut water bottles to look rare and exquisite, aiming for them to stand out in a crowd of average-looking (and average-tasting) products. KAI is in a whole different league compared to brands that package their coconut water in the expected Tetra packs or plastic bottles, many with labels that express the health of the product but none that set it apart.

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“KAI Coconut Water is made from the Sri Lankan Golden Thambili or King Coconut – pretty much the best coconut in the world. Unlike other coconut waters, KAI undergoes a cold-pressured treatment to retain its premium taste and qualities. It’s raw, organic and fair trade. The name, KAI, comes from Kailash, the sacred place in the Himalayas that connects the Eastern and Western worlds.”

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“We had two labels to produce – the premier tier King Coconut and the second tier Aromatic offering. Both had to speak to the Sri Lankan heritage, the organic, healthy and premium offering, and the brand promise of elevated wellbeing.”

Marx’s goal was to disrupt the the category with opulence. They took the facts that coconut water is healthy and tastes great and propelled KAI into premium product territory. Instead of bright colors and tropical images, KAI has delicate drawings of coconuts and black, white, and gold covering the label. The KAI brand name rests at the top in a sans serif font, giving off a luxurious simplicity that the entire line embraces. A sticker seals the bottle cap, almost like something you might find on a fine liqueur. The design was not created merely to be aesthetically pleasing, though — Marx pulled from the history the source of KAI’s ingredients, Sri Lanka.

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“We looked to the provenance of Sri Lanka, drawing on a history of Art Deco and lace making. The illustration reflects this decorative influence. We created a logomark that spoke to the strength and origin of the Golden Thambili coconut. The labels were foiled and on uncoated stock to be premium to the touch. We used white and black labels to differentiate the tiers.”

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Designed by Marx

Country: New Zealand


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