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Confortex Condoms

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/15/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Bright, bold, and contemporary — this line of condoms from Confortex is sure to catch your attention on the shelves. With an undeniably daring color scheme and attractive patterns, The Woork Co. has created a design that that is easy to spot and embraces a positive and fun approach to safe sex.

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“Confortex is a strong established brand of condoms that have always sold their products via third party distributors. Following a new business objective, they suddenly had the urge to sell directly to final consumer, and for that reason they also needed a brand new image, final consumer-oriented and of course differentiation from their competence. As part of our work method when modifying an existing brand, we usually love finding ‘that something’ that was there all the time, making the brand special from their early beginnings and transform ‘that something’ as a fortitude of the new brand.”

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“Confortex was the very first brand to include instructions within their foil unitary packaging, and we thought that was a very cool differentiation to use as a base for the new brand. The logotype symbol is framed as that foil unitary condom package that made them different. For the packaging system we established a reduced color gamma, two base colors and one accent, and we created pattern based designs for each variety box to make them totally unique and memorable, to assure a wide variety of possibilities for the brand's future products and of course to differentiate from their competitors on the store display.”

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The number one goal for Confortex is listed right at the top of their packaging: “Feel Safe.” While still focusing on the consumer’s main priority, The Woork Co. has managed to give the condom brand a playful appeal. The Confortex logo is a square, identical to the shape of the product inside. Each condom features the same pattern as the box, with the name of each variety written on it as well. The repetitive and vibrant patterns give Confortex a modern feel, an imperative quality for buyers to feel comfortable placing their trust in a company, especially when it comes to their health.

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Designed by The Woork Co.

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

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