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by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/13/2015 | 1 Minute Read

What unusual packaging for a juice company. Designed by Ramin Nasibov, clear plastic bottles are wrapped in a chromatic pattern that looks like it came straight from an 8-bit video game. Dots and small tick marks move across the surface every which way and slowly break off into an island over time. 

"These drinks are first of all healthy and full of various necessary vitamins. I embodied this idea in multicolor dots, developing individual patterns and color palettes for each sort of fruit. Besides, the company describes itself more as a youth brand. To put this aspect into practice, I used the key associations with the present-day young generation, which include constant movement, changes, and communities. That is why the dots in the symbols are connected, each time in a different way but the idea staying the same. Thus, the concept becomes unique and dynamic at the same time."

Designed by Ramin Nasibov

Country: Germany


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