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by Elena Massucco on 06/10/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Clorox UV is a fantastic example of how an everyday product can be transformed via its packaging. The Puerto Rican office of design agency DDB was briefed by Clorox to improve the packaging of an existing product in order to make the consumers’ lives easier. Clorox has always been at the forefront of cleaning and disinfection, with a range of products that are effective in getting the job done and that gain the shoppers’ trust. 

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But what if these products could empower the consumers themselves? Our houses are never as clean as they seem and the new device designed by DDB, Clorox UV, is a proper breakthrough in the cleaning world. This accessory, which attaches to any Clorox Cloro Get bottles, emits ultraviolet lights - revealing the dirt and grime that is otherwise invisible to the human eye. The tool emits light via 72 UV LED’s and is battery powered, fully reusable on any new bottle. Commenting on the project, the team at DDB says: “ This is a simple solution that transforms the bottle into a powerful tool, giving consumers total control of their cleaning.”Transformation from ordinary to extraordinary is what packaging and product development are all about and DDB has done a great job to achieve this with Clorox UV.  

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by DDB Latina Puerto Rico / ImasD

Country: Puerto Rico

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