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Concept: Telavera Tequila

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Mayan gods are an integral part of Mexican culture. When designing her concept for Telavera Tequila, Hannah Hart aimed to create more than just a top-shelf spirit you might want to drink during a night out with friends. The tequila was inspired by the history of Mexico and she wanted to inject specific design elements of the country into its packaging, giving it depth and personality.

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“I was very inspired by the culture, arts and history of Mexico, specifically Talavera. Talavera is the word used to identify the beautiful handmade pottery and fine ceramics that are trademarks of Mexican craftsmanship. Just as Mexican Talavera was created with strict standards and regulations in order to preserve the expert nature of its craft, I expect every bottle of my tequila to be crafted in this same way; with precise ingredients and regulations that go into making every bottle a beyond tasteful experience.”

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“To give each bottle of tequila the utmost feeling of prestige, I incorporated an important element in Mexican culture and history: Mayan gods. Religion played an enormous role in talavera ceramics so I wanted to make these characters come to life on each bottle in a sophisticated, yet lively way. The gods that are seen on the substrates are: Yum Kaax, The God of Nature; Chaac: The God of Rain; and Kinich Ahau: The God of the Sun.”

Instead of a clear glass bottle that you might expect, Telavera Tequilas are bottled in opaque white containers. The illustrations on the front are delicately and finely drawn in black, each god wearing a crown and stoic expression. The back of the bottle includes vital information about the spirit, all written below the same crown the god on the front is wearing. The top of the bottle is designed in the Talavera style, with intricate details that you might find on pottery from that region.

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Designed by Hannah Hart

Country: United States

City: Cincinnati

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