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Before & After: OPI Avojuice

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/08/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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There’s nothing like a lotion that smells almost good enough to eat. The Avojuice line from OPI features ten different fragrances, including coconut melon, mango, jasmine, and vanilla lavender, to name a few. Yolanda Petriz Jordan redesigned the packaging for the line of hand and body lotions, which come in three different bottle sizes.

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“I decided on a color-coded, pattern system taking a cue from the new fragrance profiles, which are cleaner, sharper, and fresher than the original. The fun, vibrant patterns give the bottles a fresh, modern look without sacrificing the professional equity the OPI brand is known for. The Avojuice line features a sleek new bottle and bold graphic labels.”

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OPI is still recognizable after this redesign, however it looks like a more premium product. With delicate background designs inspired by nature, juices, and even fresh water, all ten varieties look harmonious together even though they each have vastly different hues and graphics. The font colors change based on the flavor of each lotion, working well with the white label and black and grey text for the brand name. Larger bottles feature a pump, and smaller travel-size lotions are sold in packs of three, combining the different illustrations in a beautifully mismatched way.

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Designed by: Yolanda Petriz Jordan

Country: United States

City: Los Angeles, CA