Lyra Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/30/2015 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

I can only imagine that this beautiful, delicate packaging reflects some of the delicious notes found in Lyra chocolate bars. Michal Slovák created the design for this bean-to-bar brand located in Slovakia. Using a colorblock design with deep, rich browns and occasional splashes of color, Lyra’s design is as well-crafted as the chocolate itself.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

The bars feature a small, centered graphic of a cocoa pod, indicative of the pure ingredients used to create it. Lyra’s logo is a striking dark brown rectangle, which also shows up on bags, business cards, and other items. Jolts of blue and gold appear on packaging or marketing materials, an energetic addition to the varying browns used. The base of the packaging feels like a plain paper bag one might pick up at the grocery store, contributing to the chocolate’s one-of-a-kind and local charm.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Michal Slovák

Client: Lyra Chocolate

Country: Slovakia

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