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Four Corners Bagel Chips

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/25/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Four Corners Bagel & Café is a popular spot in Lakewood, New Jersey. When looking for an agency that would create the branding and packaging for their new line of bagel chips, they decided to keep it local. Miller branding agency provided everything Four Corners would need to begin selling their all-natural treats, from a refreshed identity, copywriting, and package design.

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The approach is lively, highlighting the best features of the chips and also injecting them with a dash of personality. Each flavor contains a different color palette — purples for cinnamon swirl or blues for the sea salt, for example. A photo of the chips rests on the front situated right next to an image of some of the ingredients in a small pile. Around the photo, handwritten words like “dip it, schmear it, crunch it!” playfully suggest the different ways to enjoy Four Corners Bagel Chips.

The very top of the bag, with “all-natural - baked, not fried” written in a sloped font, can easily be torn off. The back of the bag features a delightful combination of the various texts and hues used, sharing even more information why these bagel chips “might just be the best chips on earth.” Another picture of the chips appears on the back, this one with a hand-drawn bowl of dip and the words, “I’m one crunchy chip!” hovering about it. Using real images of the chips paired with playful illustrations and texts give the brand a quirky personality while keeping the branding honest and easy to understand.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Miller

Country: United States