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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/25/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Good to the last drop. This modern design for Original Source, by London studio Bulletproof, takes a unique approach — instead of listing the all-natural ingredients on the back in a small font, the new packaging lists the ingredients as an identifying element. With words like “40 real zingy limes” or “6 natural & fruit oils in juicy mango” in large, colorful text, Original Source has a dash of personality and uses its best features in packaging.

“We needed to communicate the fact that Original Source uses 100% natural fragrance ingredients. A review of the shower and beauty category revealed that many brands were using realistic fruit imagery to depict the fragrances of their products. We chose to buck this trend, instead creating an ownable illustration style in conjunction with the new funnel device, inspired by the centuries old process of 100% natural essential oil extraction showing the squeezed naturalness captured in each droplet.”

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“The new packs have a clear hierarchy of information showing the ingredients that go into each bottle with the refreshed brand identity and the use of foil, sitting boldly in the centre of the pack to ensure maximum standout.”

Each variety has a small color palette — yellow and white for lemon or red and pink for strawberry. Because there are multiple flavors, the range of colors work together well in a bold, contemporary way. Drops, representing the oils and ingredients in varying colors, float above a large funnel, with the brand name boldly resting on the center. Below the funnel lies a single droplet, mirroring the all-natural shower product being squeezed out of the container itself.

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Designed by Bulletproof

Country: United Kingdom

City: London