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by Jenifer Tracy on 06/24/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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It looks like the juice craze and a lifestyle of healthy eating is going strong up in Canada too. Belamonte Raw is a Canadian based delivery service that specializes in raw, organic juices and foods. Founded by the company’s namesake Carol Belamonte, the company grew fast and quickly outgrew its original brand identity. “Over six years ago Carol Belmonte launched Belmonte Raw by bringing salads via bicycle to hungry office workers. At the time of their inception, there were no organic places offering what Belmonte Raw was creating.”

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Designer David Taylor was the man for this project. He saw the need to create an identity that differentiated the premium quality of Belamonte Raw’s products from the rest of the playful juice branding in the marketplace. Taylor designed a monogram of the company initials with the name typset below in an all caps, san serif font. This combined with a black and white color palette created a clean, classic brand foundation. “A paired down palette allowed the color of the food to shine and communications were lead by brand statements that brought the product to life.”

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Juices and cleanses are a large and important part of the company’s product line, so there needed to be a relatively easy solution to differentiating the different flavors. Each clear glass bottle has the company’s name screen printed on it for consistency. Wrap around labels are then placed on the bottles with juice name & ingredients being customizable. Of course bright orange carrot juice is easy to spot, but it’s not so easy to figure out the difference between all the shades of green. This was solved by placing a large number onto each label which correlates to a description on the menu. “I’ll take the #5 please.” I love the order by numbers because it's easier philosophy in life! 

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A final, almost overlooked, design element which Taylor included was an underline beneath the letter “E” in Belamonte. This emphasized the fact that the “E” should be pronounced, rather than silent. It also created a tool for brand enlightenment and then was integrated into other areas of the design work. A little goes a long way with this well-developed brand identity, the consistency throughout the packaging and all other touch points of customer facing materials is impressive. Nice work Mr. David Taylor!

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Designed by Awake Studio

Country: Canada