Sublime Rituals

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/24/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Imagine premium cosmetic products sent to your door each month, leaving you without the stressful decision-making of what products are good for you and which ones are worth trying. Sublime Rituals makes this a reality. Following the subscription box trend, Sublime Rituals helps customers get in touch with their own nature via organic and natural cosmetic products sent monthly, along with well-being tips. Sweety Branding Studio created the branding and packaging, creating an experience for the customer.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The cardboard box everything gets delivered in has large letters stating, “Get ready, you are about to enter a sublime universe.” The Sublime logo is written in an elegant script that almost looks like the writing you would see on an upscale French spa. Different color combinations have been created to use each month — dark brown and bright pink, for example, or navy blue and turquoise. Floral accents are used sparingly, subtly showing up in the white and black pamphlets or bags in the monthly package.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The design indicates more upscale products without pigeonholing Sublime into providing a certain type of item each month. It truly creates an experience of decadence, relaxation, and regular self-care.

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Designed by Sweety Branding Studio

Country: Brazil

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