Poggia Graffetta

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/16/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Feast your eyes on this gorgeous line of wines from Poggio Graffetta. TheFoodAppeal, a project born from Neom, restyled the wines and the product identity while using the history of the land as inspiration. TheFoodAppeal also used the concept of eating with your eyes to create an intriguing design.

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“In ancient times the Graffetta farmland, located in the splendid southernmost tip of Sicily, was a coral reef immersed in the best of the Mediterranean Sea. From this particular origin, imprinted in the DNA of the land, we have ‘seen’ the precious red coral, vibrant with life and sea, meet an inhabitant of the land and the wind, an inhabitant who by her very nature is able to recognise and love something of value: the magpie. So we see a unique encounter, able to break through the barriers of time and give these wines a high-impact visual identity.”

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The series of wines includes four types, each with their own bird and coral design: Nero d’Avola, Hyspa, Grillo, and Syrah. The label is minimal, putting the main focus on the image of the bird and coral. Each magpie is delicately drawn, with fine lines and shading, and the bright red coral pops on the label, resting in the beak of the bird. The variety of wine is written in a serif font right below the image in a different hue from the rest of the black, white, and red label.

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“The coral has been printed with embossing ink to give body and three-dimensionality while the purpose-designed magpie has been printed in black and white to better emphasise the contrast, the meeting of two worlds.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Neom and TheFoodAppeal

Client: Alimenta

Country: Italy


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