Jeremiah Weed

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/18/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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“Ladies and gentleman, step right up!” We can hear the carnival barker trying to lure us in, telling us all about the three new flavors from Jeremiah Weed whiskey. The varieties include Spiced, Cinnamon, and Sarsaparilla, curious and unusual flavors with a whimsical brand design to match.

Raison Pure NYC was tasked by Diageo North America to pique your curiosity with a new line of strangely delicious whiskies, with Jeremiah Weed as the main attraction. The labels display a faceless man (or, as we like to refer to him, "typeface") with intricate variant-specific flavor cues spiraling out of his top hat, a perfect mix of hand-crafted typography and cunning copy that draw you into the details. Jeremiah Weed, the world's most extraordinary whiskey in the world - perfect for your mouth!”

Editorial photograph

Each flavor features a hue that resonates with it — a rich brown for sarsaparilla, fiery red for cinnamon, and a creamy off-white for the spiced whiskey. This color is not only on the main label acting almost as a picture frame for “typeface” but also at the top of the bottle, swirling around the cap.

The character, typeface, provides an innovative face for the whiskies, providing information through images and text in an interesting way. Small details, like flames or traditional soda glasses make each flavor unique while still retaining a uniform look across the line. The promise made by Jeremiah Weeds is certainly delivered: “sure to bewilder and amaze all who behold!”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Raison Pure NYC

Client: Diageo

Country: United States

City: New York


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