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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/15/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Today, people tend to be pretty impatient, and understandably so — much of our society is based on immediate satisfaction. Technology and the internet has taken away a lot our waiting time for information and interactions that we forget sometimes what it feels like to wait, and even more so what it feels like to enjoy that wait.

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Landor has created the stunning brand WAIT for an entrepreneur with a tea that delivers a specific and incredibly unique message. WAIT believes that “the perfect tea needs the perfect infusion time.” Instead of simply giving consumers a process for letting the tea leaves to steep, they encourage the tea drinker to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

“People feel they never have enough time today; the brand invites them to enjoy the wait. When origins, traditions and quality are already owned by so many, WAIT celebrates patience as the ultimate luxury. And the wait is made precise and spectacular with an hourglass inspired design.”

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The packaging features sharp geometric shapes and also fluid, dancing designs that look like smoke or a drop of food coloring as it spreads out in water. The design is intended to take the consumer on a luxurious journey, and the longer you spend looking at the graphics the more you see. At first glance, the smokey designs move on their own, and they flow and transform into creatures like birds and tigers. The experience becomes more enriching the more time we spend just exploring. The side of the packaging tells a story, lending even more fuel to the fires of our imagination.

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“The range of flavors is portrayed with distinctive illustrations on pastel colors, telling original stories with creatures that come to life as time passes by, and seamlessly leading to the taste of perfection.”

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Designed by Landor

Country: France

City: Paris

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