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Xocalatl Chocolate

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/02/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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As if we needed any more reason to have chocolate in our lives, JUKU Design has created an absolutely delightful design for Xocolatl’s line of the sweet treat. Xocolatl (abbreviated as XOATL) is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and sources single-origin cacao beans to roast, hand-crack, winnow, stone-grind and then wrap, and their result is a pure form of chocolate with only two ingredients: cacao and organic cane sugar.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

XOATL takes pride in the history of chocolate and of where their beans come from, but they also have a deep love for their city, Atlanta — and with good reason. All of the work is done within their small factory in the Krog Street Market, a new local retail and food stall haven in the Inman Park neighborhood. The packaging reflects this love of where the bars come from, where they’re made, and the great care that goes into creating them.

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“The logo on the wrapper is decorated with shapes influenced by Aztec imagery (the birthplace of chocolate and inspiration for the name) in a playful, colorful and contemporary setting while emphasizing a sense of place by highlighting the "ATL" inherent in the brand name. The logo appears in the abbreviated form “XOATL” on the back to emphasize the chocolatiers love of their hometown, and in the center of the chocolate bar the logo is distilled into its essence of “XO” as a gift to give to somebody special.”

The packaging uses vibrant colors, further emphasizing the excitement of the chocolate-makers to share their bars with the world. The differing elements — from Aztec-inspired imprints on the chocolate to the Atlanta-inspired homes — work together in an enjoyable and surprisingly seamless way, appearing whimsical and fun.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Single-origin cacao bars are characterized by illustrations of the cacao tree to highlight the purity of the bean-to-bar process. Flavored bars highlight the pride in community and are illustrated with drawings depicting the neighborhood and style of housing characteristic of Atlanta. The patterned XOATL bar is just pure Atlanta love!”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: JUKU Design

Country: United States

City: Atlanta, GA

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