Bocce's Dog Bakery

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/02/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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Man’s best friend loves unconditionally, and it would only make sense to feed your pup with the best food and ingredients out there. Bocce’s, a Brooklyn-based dog treat company, bakes their biscuits from natural, organic, seasonal ingredients, and everything is made by hand, and Robot Food created a new brand identity and packaging to reflect this nutritious, premium product.

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Simon Forster, Creative Director at Robot Food, states, “Pet owners are wising up to the importance of good quality pet food, and Bocce’s are inspiring in their commitment to giving dogs the very best. A boutique, honest ‘foodie’ approach was the way to go, and we’re all delighted with the results. Bocce’s deserve to get noticed for their high standards, great flavours and their genuine passion for all dog-kind.”

Robot Food’s design reflects the high-quality ingredients but also appears to be something that pet owners would view as a necessity for their pup — something anyone could see sitting on their shelves. The bright, fun design is eye-catching, and, from a distance, the packaging honestly looks like a food that you or I might have sitting around the house for a midnight snack. The boxes have an exceptional look to them, almost like something you might find at a more exclusive or health food store, and one close look at them will help the consumer understand Bocce’s commitment to our four-legged friends.

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“Robot Food injected some fun and friendly tone of voice and the on-pack brand story tells the tale of Bocce, the owners’ dog who inspired the brand. Stylistic typographic lockups explain how the treats are baked in small batches and using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Take away these subtle doggy cues, and the result resembles something you might pick up for yourself in a deli or food hall.”

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“Robot Food based their approach on Bocce’s commitment to being all natural and free of chemicals and preservatives. The box backdrop is painted white wood to create a design to fit into the homes of the target market. Plentiful white space reflects the ingredients’ purity, and the addition of a ‘window‘ showcases the biscuits themselves for honesty, as well as creating a doghouse in the overall design. The new identity sets the boutique tone in the subtle style of a small shop awning with a simple, quirky charm and the introduction of ‘Est. 2010’ and ‘NYC’ mark the brand’s heritage and provenance. Bright colours help to drive up the foodie cues of each mouth-watering flavour, and when paired with the whitewashed background, give each pack refreshing clarity. This creates a strong, sharp contrast against the crowded, often garish branding and packaging found among the competition.”

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Designed by: Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds


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