Taywell: Sweet Rebellion

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/12/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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If you could consume ice cream without the calories, would you? Taywell creates “no sugar added” naturally sweetened artisan ice cream that tastes just as good as competitors but lets you forget about counting calories. An appetizing product like this must also have appealing packaging, but they were suffering from poor naming and positioning on their product. Honey Creative worked to completely rebrand the company: to rename, reposition, and repackage.

“Inspired by the rebellious underdog attitude of the company founder, we developed the name ‘Sweet Rebellion,’ combining the two contrary aspects of the product — on the one hand its nature as a dessert — and on the other its break away from the common belief that sweet equals unhealthy.”

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Using colors that look good enough to eat and an actual image of the ice cream at the bottom of the pint prepare our minds more than enough to eat the naturally sweet treat. The uneven text, image of an unruly fist in the air, and “Say NO to added sugar” tell a story for the consumer, giving them more reason to attach themselves to the brand. Whether or not the buyer has ever attended the protest, they can likely relate to standing up for their beliefs, and Taywell makes us care about no added sugar in this dessert of choice.

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“This mix of contrary ideas then went on to inspire the rest of the brand: The logo brings together a revolution poster styled fist with delicate flower (standing for both flower power, but also a representation of Stevia — one of the natural sweeteners). The typography takes bold utilitarian capitalised type and graffiti style script and softens each — drawing them closer to the world of 'sweet.' And lastly back of pack information is placed within placard style holding devices - including the 'Rebels Manifesto' — the brand's philosophy presented in the appropriate idiom.”

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Designed by: Honey Creative

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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