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Student: B Swish Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/15/2015 | 4 Minute Read

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A well-done brand redesign will not only breathe fresh life into a product, but create more opportunity for it on the market. When a few Brobygrafiska College of Cross Media students were faced with the task of creating a concept to strengthen a brand, they chose B Swish, a company that sells sex toys. Anna-Stina Nilsson, Jenny Nölvand, Amanda Lindström, and Linnea Bondesson wanted B Swish to have less stereotypical packaging and instead feature a design that a person of any gender identity or a variety of ages could enjoy.

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“We believe that the brand would benefit from a new, more informative look. The previous design with a naked woman is just degrading against women and their sexuality. We gave them a unisex-line so the brand doesn’t exclude anyone, and thereby widens their target group. We wanted to take away the taboo and to make everybody feel welcome in the world of sex toys, and to make them sell-able in, for instance, pharmacies; as a product for your health. Your sexuality is just as important as your health and diet.”

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The concept, with beautifully bold colors, is incredibly modern and inviting. By simply featuring outlines of the products in bright hues instead of photos of models, it takes any embarrassment out of purchasing a sex toy and also makes it appealing to both men and women, people of all sizes and shapes, and even a wider age range. Although they rely on simple images, there is no confusion as to what each product is — however, with the redesign they’re proudly selling the product without exploiting women’s bodies.

Complicated packaging for these types of products can quickly dissuade potential buyers, but the concept for B Swish opens up easily. The inner box simply slides out with a perfect resting place for the product, making it accessible and uncomplicated.

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Designed by Anna-Stina Nilsson, Jenny Nölvand, Amanda Lindström & Linnea Bondesson

Country: Sweden