by Jenifer Tracy on 05/27/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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I always love the gorgeous work that comes out of Greece based Kommigraphics Design Studio. And, the new packaging design they created for the Greek food brand TAKK NORGE is another gem. TAKK NORGE is Greek company that imports high-quality Greek products into Norway. Kommigraphics chose to work with a minimalist aesthetic and clear typography for the Scandanavian market. But even working with minimalism they’ve succeeded in creating a design solution with a strong identity. 

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“TAKK Norge (Food Solutions) translates to ‘Norway thank you’ in English.”The logotype for TAKK NORGE uses both a serif and a san serif typeface. The san serif is representative of the Greek minimalism and the serif is representative of the Norweigan Royal style. The products are housed in glass jars with wrap around labels and a small label “seal” descending from the jar lid. Each label features its own unique little food sculpture made from photographic imagery of the ingredients inside. 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

It’s really a charming, actually quite simple design solution. If you have a jar of Orange Jam with carrot, the label shows a layout of an orange slice, a carrot slice & a sliver of orange peel arranged on the “small canvas” (the label) as food art. Seeing the variety of ingredient layouts on the front of each jar sitting next to each other is really entertaining. I can only imagine the team at Kommigraphics Design Studio had a lot of fun creating them. “Every label surface was approached as a white canvas for small creations, and through this concept we made small compositions depicting the main ingredients of each product.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Kommigraphics Design Studio

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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