by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/28/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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“Instead of 25 minutes, one click.” The idea behind MANA, a premium cold-pressed juice in Lithuania, is to cater to those who are active and healthy but who also don’t have the time to juice fruits and vegetables themselves. PRIM PRIM studio wanted to set MANA apart from the competition by keeping their design simple and true to the ingredients inside.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The aim of the packaging design is to stand out from shelves full of rustic juice packaging, which is most common in Lithuanian product design. Clean, minimalist graphics reminiscent of pharmaceutical labels emphasize product quality, positive effects on health and has a clear communication. The label indicates only key elements and necessary information of the product, nothing more and nothing less. The symbol of the logo replicates the geometry of letters and the drop icon with a straw symbolizes juice drink.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The classic bottle shape reminds us of the containers milkmen carried in the 1950s. The information displayed in a matter-of-fact yet beautiful layout on the front of the bottle reflects the purity of the juice. By keeping all of the elements minimal, it lets the rich colors of the juice do a lot of the talking to the consumer. The geometric logo represents the purity of the juice, targeting the health-conscious buyer.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designers: Migl? Vasiliauskait?, Kotryna Zilinskien?, Kristina Liaudanskait? 

Designed by PRIM PRIM studio

Client: Juice factory

Country: Lithuania

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