Best of Nature

by Jenifer Tracy on 05/27/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Best of Nature is a company that produces essential oils, herbal mixtures and essence of the highest quality out there on the market. With their growing selection of products, the brand was ready for a new identity that would be both strategic and reflective of the product’s purity. This was a chance for the team at moodley brand identity to do what they do best – branding. “Best of Nature only uses the most natural ingredients in traditional recipes for its finest oils, herbal mixtures and essences.”

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The new packaging design is clean, well organized and relies only on typography for art direction. moodley brand identity chose to shorten the company name “Best of Nature” to the acronym “BON” and then use that as a logomark. The acronym is enclosed in a thin ruled diamond shape and is placed prominently at the top of each packaging label. 

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“The high-class distillates and mixed spices now appear in a packaging that gives every product its space without failing to provide consistency.”The thin rule line design detail is carried through the rest of the identity, being used to separate the different sections of copy being displayed. The brand’s color palette is neutral, which could be problematic in discerning the different products easily from each other. However, the design team solved this problem by using oversized numerals in separate colors to differentiate the products more easily for consumers. moodley brand identity has created some beautiful work for Best of Nature’s new identity. I’m looking forward to seeing the next project they put their magical touch on.

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Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz 

Art Direction: Natascha Triebl, Kurt Glänzer 

Graphic Design: Kurt Glänzer, Marie Zieger 

Text: Andreas Leitner, Tamara Sill 

Projectmanagement: Christina Schachner, Rupert Rechling 

Director Digital: Birgit Taucher 

Web Development: Dominic Fuss, Timotheus Triebl, Moritz Ketterle Brand Consulting: Simone Kovac

Designed by moodley brand identity

Client: B.O.N. Natural Product GmbH 

Country: Austria

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