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November Fruits Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/26/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

What is an elixir of life? To different people, it may be many different things. Elixir Flavours Co. turned to TheBrandHouse to help create an olive oil product that could be seen as an “elixir of life.”

Editorial photograph

“November Fruits comes to communicate a truth that few people know: olive is a fruit. A winter fruit that is picked in November and its juice is indeed an ‘elixir of life.’ The packaging communicates the contrast between the harsh winter and the ‘soft freshness’ of the fruit. The olive tree drawing seen through the olive juice, balances with the poem that narrates the birth of the olive fruit.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The illustration of the tree in an open field is striking, shining through from the back of the clear bottle. That, along with the poem, give the consumer a clear vision for the journey of the main ingredient to the product. With deep greens and browns, it appears equally mysterious and full of life.

The white text pops in front of the olive oil without being a distraction. The majority of text has a slope that lines up perfectly with the blades of grass, giving the illusion that it is blowing in the wind. The name November Fruits stands proudly at the top, with a slight extension coming off of the “r,” further harmonizing the text on the front of the bottle with the beautiful illustration behind it.  

Editorial photograph

Designed by TheBrandHouse

Client: Elixir Flavours Co.

Country: Greece

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