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by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/21/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Cold-press juiceries are a hot trend right now. And, the Miami based Jucy Lu’s has really stepped out into the “too damn cute NOT to notice” category with their lighthearted branding and packaging design. High fives to the design firm El Autobus, who are responsible for this great work. “Jucy Lu is a cold-pressed juice and health food shop that uses premium organic ingredients to provide necessary provisions to replace fast food with convenient healthy food. Jucy Lu does this by creating products that will not only be beneficial for you, but will also encourage you to live better.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

The Jucy Lu logo is handwritten in all caps, with the distinct texture of the waxy crayon pencil it was created with. Also, drawn in this sketchy style is a robust set of illustrations of fruits, vegetables and all the other sort of things you might add to a fresh juice (a cute little ginger!). The magic with these relatively simple design elements is when they are combined with the PUNCH of a rainbow of juice colors that the actual product itself brings to the table. 

Editorial photograph

“Our proposal has at its core Jucy Lu’s altruistic philosophy while bringing attention to the handmade aspect of the food and juices they produce.”El Autobus ran with the hand illustrated elements and custom typography to create packaging that is unique to each bottle and product. It’s mix and match, it’s whimsical, it’s the perfect balance of simplicity combined with a product that is well crafted. And, did you notice the little heart icon with the single leaf growing from the top? I did! If you have a chance, take a peek at their website which El Autobus also created – it’s pretty easy on the eyes.  

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by El Autobus

Client: Vanessa Morado & Mariela Martinez

Country: United States 

Creative / Art Direction, Design, Illustration & Retouching (Good Manya): DANI V. SANCHEZ

Creative Director: ROBERTO FONFRIA  


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