Bertolli Gold Label

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/28/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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“Authentic ingredients — authentic story.” Consumers are more aware every day of what goes into the food they eat, and they continue to ask for premium products comprised of authentic ingredients. Brands are changing so that they express individuality and quality, and for many existing brands, this means telling a new, revised story for the buyer. For Bertolli, Spring Design Partners, Inc. wanted to utilize the country from which the ingredients come and give the brand a unique and local feel.

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“Bertolli Gold Label reveals the authentic Bertolli story in a new premium light. The story of unique ingredient combinations, highlighting the terrior of the different regions of Italy, is told through custom typography and contemporary color. The result is an authentic, yet modern, expression of the Bertolli brand that creates a sense of place and builds upon its established Italian roots.”

The three labels feature different customized fonts, making them appear like a poster you might have seen hanging in the streets of old Italy. The muted colors are indicative of the ingredients — green for artichokes, brown for mushrooms, and purple for balsamic vinegar.

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The sauces look streamlined side by side, but also stand alone, looking like exceptional, one-of-a-kind products you might find in a small store in Venice or Rome. Each variety features an image representing different aspects of Italy and its culture — mountains, trees, and wine barrels and grapes — and accompanying this are small graphic accents surrounding the Bertolli logo. It is clearly the brand that consumers know and trust, but with a twist that gives it just the right amount of exclusivity.

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Designed by Spring Design Partners, Inc.

Client: Bertolli

Country: United States

City: New York

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