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by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Now this is some seriously unique coffee packaging. I can't say I’ve seen anything in this market that looks remotely like it, and being original is always a good thing, right? MAGICO is a new coffee roasting company from Brooklyn, New York who are stepping onto the scene with a fresh art direction created by Eugene Kim. And, you might be wondering where a name like “MAGICO” originates from. Actually it’s quite simple - it references the magical art of hand brewing fresh coffee beans. Pretty clever.

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The MAGICO coffee packages are an unusual (but awesome) shape that I can only describe as how a magazine looks when folded in half and tucked under your arm. Add a carry handle to that visual and this is the best description I can come up with (Scroll down and take a look yourself). The individual coffee bag doesn’t require an extra shopping bag to carry, just grab and go.“MAGICO coffee bean packaging system introduces a new solution for display and portability.”

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The color palette for the entire MAGICO brand is gorgeous. It’s a rainbow of blue-purples with a bright orange kicked in for a color punch. That orange is then used for the freshness seal foil, which is exposed on the side of the packaging (which looks pretty sexy when you catch a little glimpse). The coffee bean packaging also has the fun feature of being super eye-catching when the product is stacked up either vertically or horizontally. I’m really loving the work Eugene did on the MAGICO brand. The logo icon as stylized “coffee drip” juxtaposed with the letter M. A perfectly curvy typography that mimics the packaging shape. Things are looking good over there in Brooklyn, New York.

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Designed by Eugene Kim

Country: United States

City: New York