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Bontà di stagione

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/13/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Bontà di stagione is a new line of ready-to-eat soups that have been launched onto the Italian market with some fun illustrative packaging design created by the Italian firm BREAK. What’s unique about Bontà di stagione is that the soup recipes change each season to follow the natural availability of the vegetables that the soups are made with. “The objective was to communicate freshness and seasonality to make the consumer perceive the product as a healthy habit, not just as an occasional ready-to-eat meal.”

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The product name, Bonta di stagione, translates to “Seasonal Goodness” in English and the art direction is centered around a playful illustrated scene showing the fresh ingredients on their journey to be made into soup. The illustrative style is simple, but does not lack interest - take a peek at the giant bell pepper sitting in the bike basket headed for soup land! The soups packaging has a brown, craft paper texture that is intended to be reminiscent of the paper greengrocers used to wrap fresh produce in. And, the packaging shape is similar to an envelope, a choice BREAK made in order to add another area of differentiation for the new soup to stand out in the market.

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“The (packaging) envelope distinguishes the product and make it the first ready-to-eat product to be sold in this kind of packaging. Freshness is conveyed by the type of paper used, which is similar to the one used by greengrocers to wrap fresh vegetables.”BREAK has created a lighthearted design for this seasonal line of vegetable soups, not an easy task to accomplish - making vegetables look fun and enticing. Let’s see if this makes eating your vegetables more appealing to all those kids!

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Art Director: Simona Baldo, Claudia Alexandrino Illustrations: Claudia Alexandrino Account director: Carlo Aliverti 

Designed by BREAK

Client: Euroverde 

Country: Italy

City: Milan

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