Absolut Vodka Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/19/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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This year, Absolut looks to the future and makes a new mark by introducing a freshly redesigned bottle. The new bottle is a transformation of the original and features an updated two line logo, a new script, a redesigned medallion, reduced glass weight and a new brand signifier. To update the bottle, Absolut brought together a group of creatives including a master illustrator, Martin Mörck, and master calligrapher,Luca Barcellona, each adding their mark to the new bottle through their own pursuit of perfection. 

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A trendsetter among the design community, the Absolut Vodka bottle is already respected all over the world. The bottle refresh was done in collaboration with Brand Union, which accepted the challenge to create an icon for the future. One of the most significant updates was to add a brand signifier to the back of the bottle, adding a bold, new short hand for the Absolut brand. The iconic shape of the bottle has been strengthened to feature more clearly defined shoulders, straightened neck and body, and a flattened bottom, while also using a reduced glass weight to minimize environmental impact. 

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“The Absolut bottle has been iconic for several generations; now it’s time to make the next bold statement for Absolut. Our goal has been to transform an already perfect bottle to make it even better. We were extremely privileged to work with the very best creatives within their discipline. The new bottle maintains everything that is Absolut Vodka – bold, original and creative, making it ready to face to future.”

-Peder Clason, Global Brand Strategy Director, Absolut.


The new bottle will be distributed worldwide in fall/winter 2015. 

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Designed by Brand Union

County: Sweden

City: Stockholm


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