Rice Now

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/06/2015 | 1 Minute Read

In recent years, sushi has been a popular on-the-go food item, especially in Europe where it's not uncommon to see a sushi delivery service on every other street corner.  Now this fad has made its way over to the Yucatan and Rice Now is there to kick it right off. 

"Rice Now was born from the idea of creating the very first sushi delivery in Merida, Yucatan: an innovative concept for a market that grows more every day. This is why our goal was to create a total brand experience, by means of a very identifiable logotype, with fresh and youthful imagery. To compose the Rice Now logo, there were four key elements taken from Japanese cuisine: temaki, rice, hashi (chopsticks) and maki (rolls). Each geometric form represents one of these elements, and together results in a logotype that communicates both an irreverent and an elegant attitude."

Designed by Bienal Comunicación

Country: Mexico


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