by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/14/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Kontrapunkt’s design for Winterspring’s packaging is unique and unmistakable — a beautiful balance between something delicate and something tenacious.

“New Nordic often translates into rustic and authentic. But the North also encapsulates a poetic feel. A certain Nordic noir dating back to ancient sagas, tales and the dialectic climate with pitch-dark winters contrasted by light summer nights, and the dreamy glow of fall balanced by the crisp spring air.”

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This romantic vibe emanates from Winterspring’s gourmet ice cream line. Clean, simple, and pure, the packaging is perfectly designed, featuring flavors like Chocolate Sea Buckthorn and Liquorice Rose Hip. The ice cream itself does much of the talking, with beautiful images of key ingredients against a bright white background further convey its Nordic charm. The most out-of-the-ordinary aspect of the packaging, though, is its cube shape. Kontrapunkt steered away from a cylindrical container, forming a figurative cherry on top to design that is equally fascinating and surprising.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Throughout the entire brand-building process we worked with this sense of poetry, dialectic, contrast and texture. The nature of the name Winterspring, which translates into ‘vintervår’ in the Nordic languages; the no-nonsense typo; the lyrical copy and imagery and the visual juxtapositions form a design language that is exquisite and poetic without being sugarcoated. Elegantly practicing the Scandinavian discipline of balancing the masculine and the feminine.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Kontrapunkt

Country: Denmark

City: Copenhagen

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