Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2015: 1st Place Technology, Media, Office, Self Promotion- Google Glass Packaging

The Dieline Awards 2015: 1st Place Technology, Media, Office, Self Promotion- Google Glass Packaging

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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With simplicity and innovation as part of our core values, we created a minimalist, original and cohesive packaging system for Google Glass and its accessories. 

Our goal was to create something that could be both beautiful and distinctly Glass. As the first touchpoint, the packaging is essential for setting the expectation with our customers and eases them into experiencing a completely new product category. To achieve this, we took a reductionist approach as our main design philosophy for the packaging. It is a carefully considered design system in which all of the packaging for this product was reduced to the bare essentials both aesthetically and physically.  The absence of color was intentional. The monochromatic package is where the journey begins. The user adds their own colors as they explore their world through a new lens and the product itself captures color through its photography and video features.

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The main Glass box is structurally sound and maintains an elegant look and feel by using paper with a satin matte finish. Nesting the product and its accessories within the layers of the box makes the unboxing a thoughtful experience. Akin to the user experience of Glass itself, the packaging allows the user to see and experience one thing at a time. We chose to separate items within the box through carefully considered stages of layers that would keep the cadence and momentum of excitement throughout the entire package. 

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A thin sheet of vellum is lightly adhered to the edges of the bottom tray. This vellum speaks to the brand ideals of lightness, minimalism, and ambient technology. Through the vellum, the user can see the outlines of the product, giving hints of what lies beneath. The product sits in a unique, molded pulp tray. In addition to securing the product in place, the tray also acts as an informative guide by calling out the six main physical features of the product. This nontraditional and eco-friendly approach serves dual purposes and eliminates the need for an instructional booklet. 

Beneath the tray, additional supporting product accessories are secured into the bottom tray. Contrary to typical consumer electronic packaging, the accessories are free of excessive plastic bags. We chose to celebrate the form of these products by purposely arranging them in a way that honors and highlights the design details of the charger and cable.

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For the accessories packaging, we created an illustration style and design for each Glass accessory item that is a distinct visualization for the brand. This cohesive visual design language is communicative, iconic, and memorable. This systematic design approach has become synonymous with the brand’s simplicity and minimalism. It further reinforces and elevates Google’s stance on simple and cohesive design.    

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Designed by Google Glass Design Team

Country: United States