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The Dieline Awards 2015: 1st Place Games, Toys, Sports, Recreational- Sling-Slang YOYO

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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In November 2014, TAIT Design Co. released the Sling-Slang YOYO, a handmade yoyo kit that comes in a unique screen-printed velcro-lock cardboard case. The vast majority of yo-yos come pre-assembled, but with this simple-to-build kit you get to put the pieces together yourself and learn how to tie a yo-yo string properly around the axle, resulting in either a beginner or intermediate level of play.

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The packaging consists of 5 levels of die-cut cardboard, glued and assembled by hand to create a custom encasement for the toy. This unique presentation takes what is one of the oldest toys in existence and makes it exciting again through the act of assembly, making it stand out against other manufacturers.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by TAIT Design Co.

Country: United States

City: Detroit

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