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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/30/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Up until recently, the only true universal language was a smile. Now, with the everyday use of emojis and emoticons, communication among people of different countries is easier than ever. To redesign DUO condoms, mousegraphics reviewed these new types of languages to create a language for the brand that people of all cultures and backgrounds could easily comprehend.

The stark black background, white DUO logo, and colored designs keep the information straightforward, avoiding much of the distracting images that other brands use. The typography is fun and allows the consumer to create their own experience. We even sense a slight 70s feel to it, perhaps a nod to the sexual freedom that the decade brought with it.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The design utilizes one of the most essential and basic shapes in describing each type of condom: a circle. It not only has the potential to communicate a lot of information, but it is the exact shape of the product itself. Each type is a different color and features different small designs, symbols, and outlines to not just tell us what the do, but also show us in a creative way. For example, extra thin condoms show a red circle with a thinner outline and ribbed condoms display multiple orange circles within each other. Each design cleverly and clearly demonstrates the product in a way that anyone could understand, no words needed.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Creative Director: Greg Tsaknakis 

Art Director: Greg Tsaknakis, Joshua Olsthoorn, Alexandros Mavrogiannis 

Designer: Joshua Olsthoorn, Alexandros Mavrogiannis

Designed by mousegraphics

Country: Greece

City: Athens

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