Featured image for The Dieline Awards 2015: 1st Place Beer, Malt Beverages, Tobacco- Karhu

The Dieline Awards 2015: 1st Place Beer, Malt Beverages, Tobacco- Karhu

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/04/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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It was extraordinary to find that Karhu, such a well-loved beer brand in Finland for almost 100 years, was unavailable in the on-trade. To be an effective competitor in pubs and bars dominated by big international brands, Karhu needed to find a renewed, inner confidence and leave behind the gloomy, industrial image it had become associated with.

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People must love a brand if they have its logo tattooed onto themselves – and Karhu bear is the most tattooed brand marque in Finland. A direct translation of the brand name itself, the bear is what Karhu is best known for, and was our inspiration. This distinctive icon needed to step out of the woods and take centre stage. 

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The new re-crafted bear, no longer looks like a hunting trophy, mounted on a wall, but an icon that represents the untamed, edgy personality of the brand. It is genuine, no-nonsense and stands tall.

Our new on-trade bottle embraces what’s at the heart of the brand – the confident, tough inner strength of the bear. We engrained the iconic marque into the fabric of the bottle with a striking emboss, which adds tactility and reinforces the brands masculinity.

We’ve given Karhu’s previous badge-like icon a powerful, self-assured new attitude. The bottles crown cork features the first presentation of an edgy close-up crop of the bear’s face, a distinct move on for a brand that has never strayed too far from it’s traditional roots

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