Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/29/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Patrón never intended to age barrels of their tequila for seven years, and before tasting it the production team likely expected to reject it for production. They discovered, however, that this extended aging process with the particular barrels used in the specific conditions they were in created a very happy accident. The result is an exquisite, extra-aged tequila that is smooth, sweet, and intense. Patrón’s Master Distiller Francisco Alcaraz states:

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“Even if we tried to replicate Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años, I don’t think we’d ever achieve the exact same result. In my 40 years in the tequila industry, I’ve never seen a tequila aged this long taste this good. This is equivalent to a rare 50-year-old scotch.”

In honor of this exclusive release, the tequila is presented in a replica of the first hand-blown glass Patrón bottle complete with a stopper. The design and bottle, by Patrón Spirits International, are impeccable, looking almost like each one would be unique and one-of-a-kind. Most importantly, though, the bright amber and gold colors of the tequila itself stand out, glistening behind the classic black and metallic label. The joy that the production team takes in the release is evident, as President and CEO Ed Brown will attest:

“It’s truly exciting, and very unexpected, that we have this special opportunity to offer such an innovative and unique ultra-premium tequila. We were bestowed such good fortune with the way in which this tequila aged, and we’re proud and honored to share it.”

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Designed by Patrón Spirits International

Country: Mexico


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