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Neon Penguin

by Jenifer Tracy on 04/28/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Let me introduce you to the market pioneer of cocktail ice creams, Mr. Martin Vincent. The man who has perfected a recipe to combine two ingredients (alcohol + ice cream) into a boozy after dinner delight. And, next enters the branding and packaging agency Robot Food, who are responsible for the delightful name “Neon Penguin” for this unique pairing of ingredients.“Cocktails and great ice cream are a sure-fire way to make any occasion feel special, but due to alcohol’s low freezing point it’s almost impossible to combine the two.”

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Neon Penguin is a luxury product with a playful name, and a brand identity that’s a perfect fusion of both. Neon tube lighting has been associated in our minds with seedy clubs and late night takeout over the years. However Robot Food wrangled that stereotype under control and created an art direction that perfectly suits the adult nature of the product, while also adding in a little late night fun. “The result is an identity that expertly fuses indulgent dessert cues, with a tongue in cheek playfulness that’s right on brand. Proof that dessert at home doesn’t have to be boring.”

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Bright, energized color pairings pop off the deep black background with excitement. The neon tubing typography is spot on, and the familiar classic cocktail names all make me want to pick this product up and dig in. And, just like the happy penguin, I’d probably be skipping after eating a pint too. “Neon Penguin’s founder, Martin Vincent said ‘I knew I was onto a winner with the product, but Robot Food’s stellar execution demonstrates its point of difference in such an engaging way. I’m sure Neon Penguin will be a hit with adults of all ages.’”

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Creative Director: Simon Forster 

Designers: Martin Widdowfield & Mike Johns

Designed by Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom