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Concept: Killexir

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/24/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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“Death can now be deliciously beautiful.” Troy Sitosta’s concept for Killexir was born out of the idea of creating products that would never realistically be made. Cherry soda-flavored poison for human consumption definitely falls into this category.

“Killexier lets you send that special someone your death wishes in a nice package to let them know that they are the poison in your life. For personal use, if you think life is too much then Killexir can also be a part of your last meal with your last drink in this world.”

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Considering there currently exist so many real ways to commit violence against someone, this concept for a hand-blown glass skull filled with liquid death almost seems regal and respectful. The bottle is dark and delicate, a seemingly perfect glass that is difficult to obtain.

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Because it’s merely a concept, our imaginations get to run wild. We picture this product is similar to what Romeo may have picked up from the Apothecary in Shakespeare’s well-known tale of woe, equally tragic and lovely. The out-of-the-ordinary thought process that went into the product is interesting to explore, even though Killexir going into final production is inconceivable.

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Designed by: Troy Sitosta

Country: Philippines

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