Blue Circle Redesign

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/27/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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It seems counterintuitive, but fish farming could in fact be the answer to keeping fish in the ocean and also on the menu. Safari Sundays had to find some way to tell this story for Blue Circle, emphasizing that they support the best type of sustainable fishermen dedicated to ensuring our oceans are filled with fish well into the future. The design had to look appealing but also educate the consumer.

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Of the redesign, including logo development, a new tag-line, packaging and look and feel, Creative Director Simone Fabricius says:

"The 'Blue Circle' approach is uplifting, progressive and deeply in-touch — our illustrative hand-drawn style, clean layout and bite-size messaging conveys this in an accessible and informative way. The chalk effect brings us closer to the passionate, purposeful fishermen and fishmongers behind the brand and the traditional window became an additional tool for us to visually bring attention to the name."

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The packaging catches the eye with a couple blue hues and white writing, and the sneak peek of the fresh salmon itself stands out boldly. In addition to a nautical influence in the design, the packaging also tells an intriguing and powerful message to consumers.

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“The result is a naturally bold, visual and verbal system that remains simple whilst telling a complex story; it has a refined, more impactful logo and tag-line, an easy yet aspirational 3-step story and a textured, in-touch design language that tells a delicious but to the point story of better fish and a mutually healthy future.”

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CEO + Chief Creative Officer: Damon Gorrie 

Creative Director: Simone Fabricius 

Designer: Ilana Addis, Allessandra Greco 

Director of Strategy: Georgia Levison 

Managing Director: Cynthia Davies 

Account Executive: Cliff Horowitz

Designed by Safari Sundays

Country: United States

City: New York City

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