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Mosin Fresh Coffee Concentrate

by Jenifer Tracy on 04/23/2015 | 3 Minute Read

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Have you heard of liquid coffee concentrates? I hadn’t until a gorgeous bottle of “Instant Coffee” came across my desk to be written about for The Dieline. Liquid coffee concentrates are just what they sound like, one serving of concentrate + plus boiling water = coffee. Our world is full of modern conveniences. 

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Designed by Tried&True Design of New Zealand, the Mosin Fresh Coffee Concentrate packaging is vibrant, attention catching and original. The coffee manufacturer is based in Papua New Guinea, an exotic paradise that lent itself well to the use of stunning local imagery for the packaging design. “There was no shortage of rich inspiration from the local environment, the wonderful wildlife and stunning fauna."

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The artwork on each bottle is highly decorative, with detailed illustrations of the local birds, coffee bean branches and floral fauna. The illustrations are so vibrant and detailed that it’s hard for me to imagine how they printed in such high quality on the dark brown bottles. (The bright blue bird with the fancy head feathers - I’m in love!)

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Tried&True Design also placed a nice emphasis on the typography, with the words “Instant Coffee” set in an all caps, san serif font that’s white & easy to read. And, take a close look at that support copy below, it’s being treated with a metallic foil, which is a crown jewel in my opinion. An outstanding project that I would be swayed to try if I saw it being sold in my coffee aisle. “Every care was taken with the illustrations, type & printing to create a piece of art that captured the unique product and place.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Tried&True

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland