Pip & Nut

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/21/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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The packaging for Pip & Nut all-natural nut butter aims to capture the creator’s positive energy, and the result is a fun design that’s lively and a product packed with personality. B&B Studio’s design team wanted to create something that was new and unexpected but equally charming and personable.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“The successful concept – a leaping squirrel whose tail forms the P of Pip & Nut – was chosen for its characterful spirit, broad appeal and subtle suggestion of spreadability. A fresh look and feel, with unfussy hand-drawn type, and straightforward product imagery communicate the simplicity of the product, which is made without artificial ingredients or palm oil. A brand line of Natural Nuttiness completes the design, communicating both the product’s values and the brand’s personality.”

Pip & Nut walks the fine line between a product that is minimal and simplistic and something that is widely appealing. The leaping squirrel breathes life into a design that may otherwise be less intriguing, with a clean white background and casual font.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by: B&B Studio

Country: United Kingdom

City: London


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