by Theresa Christine Johnson on 04/20/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Digital products make our lives so much easier, but without some love and care from time to time, they can become cluttered and unmanageable. Lyve Home’s clean design fits perfectly with its function: to de-clutter and organize your digital life. This required packaging from UNEKA that was simple and straightforward but equally functional and useful.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Uneka engineered a hinged, cantilevered interior framework within a compact, all-in-one retail and ship-ready outer box. Every detail of the design is streamlined. Every component is functional. The result? Ultimate protection with minimal material and cost. The pulp-based package meets Lyve’s strict green specifications, while maintaining a modern aesthetic. It’s functional minimalism at its best.”

Upon opening it, the packaging appears to multi-task without looking messy. It is easy and uncomplicated while still serving a solid purpose to the consumer.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: UNEKA

Client: Lyve

Country: United States


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