30 Condoms We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/17/2015 | 5 Minute Read

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Students from Cornish College of the Arts designed a new product for Trojan Condoms, doing research and defining their own demographic.  Students were encouraged to use humor and take risks by pushing the idea about what a condom can look like, and even how it can function.  Students were given 5 weeks from start to finish. For many, this was the first time they worked with a die`line. The semester culminates in a end of the year show, where a best of show winner and runner ups will be chosen.

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Condoms for men ages 65 and up includes a dosage of Viagra. Design: Ben Niu 

Condoms that detect STD before intercourse by changing color. Design: Alex Mojica

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Condoms for shy girls include a sexy postage note option. Design: Irene Song

Ignite your fire, lube and condoms for middle-aged couples. Design: Vannessa Blea

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Condoms for teenage boys using an iconic Seattle burger joint as inspiration. Design: Shelby Hayes

Novelty glow-in-the-dark condoms, just for fun. Design: Katharine Wimett

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Top: Condoms playing off well known and consumable aphrodisiacs. Design: Carly Lennstrom  

Bottom Left: Packaging targeting men who like beer. Design: Taylor Edwards.

Bottom Right: Designed to promote awareness with proceeds benefitting HIV victims in South Africa. Design: Majesta Vestal

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Condoms targeting gay men. Design: Duy Vo

Condoms for the social media dating site, Tinder. Design: Dallas Milburn

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For guys who can't figure out what to buy for their partners. Gift packaging includes condoms and g-string underwear. Design: Yoojin Beag

Bio-degradable condoms for sensitive skin. Design: Katie Berntson

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Top Row: Condoms named after popular Seattle area bars, available on location. Design: Annie Lin

Bottom Left: Attractive packaging using romanticism themes. Design: Vivian Che

Bottom Right: Rock candy, Birthday cake and peach ring flavored condoms for the grab-n-go industry. Design: Michaela Roath

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Top Row: Re-usable packaging for fashion thinking urban men. Design: Nida Abidi

Bottom Left: Playing off coffee packaging innuendoes, catering to coffee fanatics. Design: Lili'uolani Pickford

Bottom Right: Black Box designed to be discreet and sophisticated. Design: Emily Hozack

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Top Row: Condoms for ages 16 and up, showing the consequences of unprotected sex. Design: Stavie Tsantilas

Bottom Left: Fruit-flavored Juicy Condoms. Design: Alicia Pucci

Bottom Right: Packaging for sexually experienced women, 18-35 years old. Design: Jenni Potts

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Left: Packaging for women ages 20-30 who really love cats. Design: Claire Fritze

Middle: Female condom packaging playing off the slogan "Diamonds are a girl's best friend". Design: Ashley VanBurnt

Right: Packaging for the BDSM crowd. Design: CJ Ortiz

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Left: Targeting 20-30 year old Japanese men, Freak Show uses balloon animals in a quirky fashion. Design: Hannah Pham

Right: For young women taking charge of their sexual lives, age range 20 - 30's. Design: Nicole Freeman

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Top Left: Packaging incorporating gold foil and embossing for the discerning client. Design: Bobby Liu

Top Right: Condoms designed to fit discreetly in a makeup compact. Design: Jeia Villacis

Bottom: Designed specifically for gamers, Push My Buttons uses retro game consoles as inspiration. Design: Fumio Ohno

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