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Design Today: Ennis Perry Creative X Brightwood

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/16/2015 | 5 Minute Read

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Brightwood is an Australian lifestyle and well-being brand with an extensive range of products inspired by the beauty of nature. Brightwood approached the studio of Ennis Perry Creative to create an innovative, cost-effective and sustainable package design that would best represent the brand's identity. 

The studio designed, tested and developed two main packaging solutions that provided the required product housing and protection. The design also provided the ability to see and feel the product without a compromise on security. The packaging solution flat packs for easy shipping and construction. With simple contraction methods and limited colour palette, the packaging design is whimsical and caters to both a male and female consumer.

In this interview, we sit down and talk to Haydn Deane, Co-founder & Creative Director of Ennis Perry Creative about the Brightwood Project and how Sustainability plays a role in the design. 

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What is the role sustainability plays in your design process?

Its always at the forefront of our design process. Working through the strategy and creative process, we are always questioning how it is possible to achieve the right solution for the project that has a sustainable outcome for the packaging’s life cycle. Sustainable design is more than just thinking about particular materials, it also about how the packaging is constructed, the production methods and its overall life cycle.


What were some of the challenges this adds?

There are challenges with every project. Of course there isn’t one solution that suits every project. Each packaging project is different and there will be different challenges across the board. Challenges can be encountered on many fronts, clients perceptions, production processes, the production teams openness to exploring new areas. Managing and maintaining your vision through the life of the project to achieve the desired results.

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How did you arrive at the final design?

We have a thorough process of creative exploration and conceptualisation for every project we undertake, the Brightwood project was no different. Process, exploration, research, endless sketches, endless mockups, revisions and refinements.


In brief, what is your philosophy when it comes to packaging?

The fundamentals of packaging should be to protect/house/encase a product, ensuring the products viability throughout its life from production, shipping, through to store display and purchase. More so packaging should evoke connection and emotion with the purchaser, it should evoke the brand message visually and tactically. The packaging is an extension of the brand and it message, the packaging should embody the brand ethos fully.

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Where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. The internet has certainly made it easier to gather inspiration and reference, but the fundamentals of great design, come to the principal of creative thinking. Thinking outside of the box, looking to nature, architecture and observing outside of the ordinary.


What do you consider a sustainable design?

Design that has been considered and analysed to offer a balanced and a well thought through solution, a solution that considers the life cycle required and that all touch points consider the best ‘green’ outcome.

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What kind of projects are you most excited to work on?

We are very a diverse studio, offering a broad range of services from identity and brand design through to website design, we feel that every project can be exciting. Its about how you approach a project, every project has the potential to be exciting. We also love creating the unexpected, discovering an angle that brings a point of difference for the brand that makes it memorable.


If you can give one piece of advice to a prospective packaging designer what would it be?

Answer 1: Don’t be afraid. We have worked with a lot of designers that believe they are not able to design for packaging, that the dimensions and construction are beyond them. Thats simply not true, a designer should be open to every project, they have the fundamentals, its simply a matter of creatively thinking through the solution. 

Answer 2: Dive in, really look at other packaging, understand how they are made, experiment, challenge yourself, explore ideas, make a thousand mockups and enjoy the challenge.

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What's next?

We have several packaging projects coming up and have recently completed some great projects. We have recently finished a large packaging project for a Children’s Clothing and Bedlinen Range (Goo Collection), we are just waiting to receive final packaging as we speak. We are also in the midst of completing a full rebrand and packaging rollout for a wellness brand (Purple Balance) in the UK - which is really exciting! We are also about to commence a new design project for Brightwood’s latest products, we can’t say much more, but it will be an exciting extension to their current range.


What is exciting you about the future of sustainability and design?

It's an exciting time, as the consumer and the client become more aware of the possibilities that are achievable. It's exciting when a client gets excited, that they understand that their decisions to create sustainable design makes an impact now and in the future. There so many exciting developments in sustainable packaging! Can’t wait to see how the future evolves.

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