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by Elena Massucco on 04/14/2015 | 1 Minute Read

We couldn’t stress enough the importance of self promotion in the world of packaging. Restrictions often imposed by clients disappear and the knowledge of design and printing techniques can be showcased. Great example of self-promotion comes from the team at MILCH+HONIG designkultur who designed and produced a beautiful duo of bath products. 

“Following the credo ”let’s come together in sweet harmony” we brought together what belongs together. A duo of original organic honey and alkaline whey powder (additive for relaxing baths), interpreting our studio-name and expressing the love in our work, which can now be relished with all senses."The details have been beautifully curated, with a hot foil embossed and relief-varnished band opening the packaging. The gloss patterns are smart and the contrast of colours is elegant and delicate. Harmony for all senses.

Designed by  MILCH+HONIG designkultur

Country: Germany

City: Munich

Printer / Manufacturer: Gotteswinter & Aumeier 

Concept & Design: Christina Sofie John / Rafael Dietzel 


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