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Lithuanian Original Vodka Limited Edition

by Grant Van Sant on 04/13/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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The three major Lithuanian spring festivities (Shrovetide, St. Casimir and Easter) were the main source of inspiration for this limited edition vodka bottle. Shrovetide carnival is one of the merriest events. People in costumes of devils, witches, goats and others visit homes, act, sing, dance. In the evening the old maid More (a creature made of straw), the symbol of winter, is burned. St. Casimir's Day is marked annually with Kaziuko trade fair. The traditional Easter celebration is famous for its ornated Easter eggs and Easter palms. 

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The exclusive edition of "Lithuanian Vodka" Original is for the celebration of the arrival of spring. The vibrant, fresh color palette represents this special occasion. The eye-catching and bold illustration style, inspired by traditional Lithuanian engraving techniques, is an invitation to explore the whole story spread over the shrink-wrap sleeve. The illustration is a fusion of different characters and symbols from the three main spring festivities.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Studio Libre UAB

Client: Stumbras

Country: Lithuania

Head of Creative: Darius Kisielius 

Designers: Aliona Bobin, Irmantas Savulionis 

lllustrators: Aliona Bobin, Jekaterina Budryte 

Managing Director: Donatas Kliunka 

Account Manager: Algirdas Orantas 

"Stumbras" Head of Product Development: Jurate Paulauskiene Photography: Audrius Tuleikis